As can be seen, there’s very little information in English out there on Recife, not to mention a lot of the links I started with (even in Portuguese) are no longer being updated. 


Cultura PE (PT)
O Frevo (PT)
Música de Pernambuco
Pelas Ruas que Andei (PT)
Frei Caneca Radio
Recife Passo a Passo (PT, no longer updated)
Sons de Pernambuco (PT)


A Janela Aberta (no longer updated)
Canadian Living in Olinda (no longer updated)
Pernambuco Gypsy
 (no longer updated)
The Rio-Recife Blog (no longer there)


Mauritsstadt Blog (PT)
Recife Antigo (PT, no longer updated)
Recife de Antigamente
Recife Esquecido (PT)

Photo Albums

Eu Curto Recife
Instarecife 360°
Pernambuco Arcaico
Recife de Bolso (no longer updated)
Recife Pra Sempre (no longer updated)


Bike Paths (PT)
American School of Recife
Wikipedia: Recife


Diario de Pernambuco (PT)
Folha PE (PT)
G1 Pernambuco (PT)
Jornal do Commercio (PT)

What’s Going On

Agenda Recife (PT)
Agenda Cultural do Recife (PT)
Caixa Cultural Recife (PT, Facebook)
Couchsurfing: Recife
SESC Pernambuco (PT)

Other *

Inciti (UFPE group for urban innovation)
Revista O Grito (Recife-based magazine, PT)
Caderno Recifense (PT, no longer updated)
Direitos Urbanos (PT, no longer updated)
Escambo Cultural /Facebook (PT, blog no longer updated)
Peixe Urbano: Recife
Do Capibaribe ao Tejo (Recife-Lisbon blog, PT)
Marco Zero (local design and tech blog, PT)
Pernambuques (rarely updated)
Recife Estranho (PT, no longer updated)
Recife Resiste! (PT, offline)

* Other is for sites where there aren’t enough as a group to make their own category yet. I hope to grow this out.


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