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Hi, I’m from California and I’ve been studying Brazilian culture and bringing news only found in Portuguese to English-speakers since at least 2008 when I started Eyes on Brazil. Here, since 2012, I’ve been writing about Recife. Although I lived all over Brazil for 3 years, I’ve never been to Recife but it looks like a really cool place and I wanted to teach myself about it. Although I use tons of sources, SkyScraperCity’s Leão do Norte forum aggregates a lot of stuff I now end up using.


Eyes On Recife is a several-year personal research project that will look at the capital city of Recife and its neighboring city, Olinda, while also diving into other areas of the state (Pernambuco). My purpose is to discover and showcase Recife as one of Brazil’s cultural centers (Rio de Janeiro and Salvador also belong to that group).

Interesting Facts: 

  • The city of Recife in Brazil is believed to have the highest per capita consumption of whisky in the world. (BBC)
  • Writer Clarice Lispector spent her entire childhood in Recife.
  • It wasn’t only the Dutch that invaded but the French and English, too.
  • The Diario de Pernambuco is the oldest continuously circulating newspaper in Latin America, having been founded in 1825. It is also the oldest continuously circulating periodical edited in Portuguese.
  • As the Dutch Capital of Brazil (aka Mauritsstad), the city had the first zoo and botanical gardens of the Americas. Recife had the first synagogue in the Americas, too.
  • More to come


Oi, eu sou da California e gosto muito de estudar sobre a cultura brasileira. Aqui, escrevo sobre o Recife. Bem-vindo! (PS – Eu queria dar meus parabéns para o forum Leão do Norte do SkyScraperCity)

Eyes On Recife é um projeto de pesquisa pessoal de vários anos cujo foco é a cidade do Recife, sua cidade vizinha, Olinda, e outras areas do estado (Pernambuco). A minha meta, fora de traduzir notícias de português para inglês, é descobrir e destacar Recife como um dos poucos centros culturais do Brasil (no mesmo nivel do Rio e de Salvador).

Fatos Interessantes:

  • Acredita-se que a cidade do Recife tem o consumo mais alto per capita do uísque no mundo. (BBC)
  • A escritora Clarice Lispector passou a infância toda no Recife.
  • Não foi só os holandeses que invadiram a cidade mas os franceses e os inglêses, também.
  • O Diário de Pernambuco é o jornal mais antigo da América latina, sendo fundado no ano 1825. Também é o jornal mais antigo em circulação da língua portuguesa.
  • Como o capital holandês do Brasil (aka Mauritsstad), a cidade teve o primeiro zoológico e jardim botánico das Américas. Recife teve a primeira sinagoga das Américas, também.
  • Mais pra vir


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16 responses to “About / Sobre

  1. great blog on Recife!

    maybe another interesting fact for your list:
    Recife was the first place on the continent’s mainland the aviators Sacadura Cabral and Gago Coutinho touched down in the world’s first aerial South Atlantic crossing in 1922

    • Thanks, Michael. My New-Yorker friend Margaret, with whom I lived in Rocinha, told me about your blog the other year. It’s been on my Links page here since then. Good stuff, I was hoping to see more but I took it you moved away (as did I, now I’m in Lisbon). Cheers

  2. As someone from Recife, I have to say that the city has enormous unrealized potential. Hopefully some day it will get its act together.

  3. Thanks for site.. just discovered this.. been in Recife for a month.. also from SoCal.. still looking for one website where there is a calendar of all events taking place in Recife.. any ideas?

    • Thanks, Peter

      I’m actually living in Europe but yeah, I’m from the States. I left Brazil at the end of 2013 after several years living there but still wanted to keep in touch with some aspect of it, thus the blog. Glad you’re enjoying the blog.

  4. I love your articles on Frevo! I have been dancing Frevo for more than a year now, doing few performances here and there in the States. Your articles helped me understand more about the cultural and historical background of Frevo. I hope to visit Recife soon to deepen my understanding of Frevo, it’s historical and cultural context, and the evolution of movement that originated from Capoeira to Frevo.

  5. Like your site! Found it via your wonderful Rio blog. I lived in PE for three years and one of those was in Recife. Endlessly fascinating place. I’m also a recovering academic, and wrote a dissertation on the “rural” maracatus (maracatu de baque solto), which have a very distinct history and separate trajectory from their better-known urban namesakes. I’m tempted to give you the PDF to put on your “research” page if you want it because I very much believe that such things should be available to everyone, and not just those with access to research databases. I have not yet done so even on my own blog, I suppose because I’m considering trying to get some articles published on the topic and would prefer to put up the diss. after that happens (or is it “if and when”?). In the meantime there are some materials (in Portuguese and English) on this blog that I don’t update nearly enough – http://baquesolto.org/

    • Thanks Chris! Looks like some interesting work you’re doing. Maracatu is a great expression of Brazilianness and I’m always happy to see it being kept alive in the age of globalization.

      I’m tempted to return to Brazil to live, after being in Lisbon for 3 years, but it’s always a toss up because when I’m in Brazil, I live it, and when I’m far away, I research it.

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