The history of Recife’s cinemas

In this first episode of special reports about cinemas, get to know the history and memory of these places of leisure and encounters that used to make up part of the routine of Recife residents. However, throughout the decades they have been forgotten and abandoned.

Just as has happened in several cities in the country and throughout the world, organized societal movements fight to bring back the protaganism of spaces like the Cinema Moderno, Art Palacio, Veneza, Trianon, among others.

In this second episode of this special series, competition with other forms of entertainment, the advance of the video tape and the emptying of the city center were some of the reasons that contributed to the decadence of cinemas.

The case of the abandonment of the Teatro do Parque, a known historical location due to being accessible, aside from having concerts and shows, generated a recent struggle so that Recife doesn’t lose one more of its historic and important cultural aparatuses.

The Cine Duarte Coelho and the Cine Olinda are old cinemas that some generations couldn’t experience. Aside from this, they’ve suffered constant delays and a shortage of public funds for remodeling that blew past deadlines and dragged on over the years, becoming old legends of Recife’s metro region.

In this third and final episode, we discuss the importance of looking also at the interior, of having cinemas as the main window to Pernambucan films and as powerful agents of occupation and improvement of cities.


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