Animal Politico – Film (Moo-vie?)


“Feeling a deep existential emptiness, a cow decides to leave the comfort of her middle-class life behind and wander in search of illumination, in search of her true self.”

As the official synopsis suggests, the Pernambucan film Animal Político, which will be shown for the first time in Recife this Friday at the Janela festival, stars a cow. That’s right: the main character is bovine.

Animal Político is the first full-length film from filmmaker Tião, who was already awarded a prize on two occasions at Cannes for his short films Muro and Sem Coração. The film, whose title is inspired by a concept of Aristotle’s, was also shown at the 2016 Rotterdam Festival.

During filming, the production team had to take the cow to improbable locations, such as a diner, a restaurant, a nightclub and the levee that connects Bairro do Recife with Pina. – Source (PT)


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