Noronha – 4 Tips


1. Refuse the free transfer. It’s very likely that your pousada (B&B) offers a free arrival transfer. This is basically in order to give you an “introductory speech” whose purpose is to sell outings/excursions. If you do this and all the time is added up, you’ve lost your first afternoon in Noronha, therefore just get a taxi and in less than an hour and for around R$27 you can be in the water enjoying the sea and the sunset on the beaches of Conceição or do Meio (pictured above).

2. Ditch the island tour. After losing your first afternoon with the speech, many people will take the island tour which goes to all the beaches – without you being able to really enjoy any of them. If you’re spending 4-5 days on the island, you’ll have time to visit everything, including all the beaches. And saving the R$150 from not doing the island tour, you can spend that cash on entrance to the National Marine Park (R$89).

3. Forget the buggy. Instead of paying R$250 per day for a noisy and non-environmentally friendly vehicle, just catch the bus that goes from one side of the island to the other every 30 minutes (R$5). When going to Sancho or Cacimba do Padre beaches, and you’ll just have to walk 15 minutes after getting off the bus. Otherwise there’s taxis (R$31).

Don’t forget the electric bike rental option, which go for R$60 per day.


4. Make a reservation for Atalaia. The natural aquarium at the Atalaia beach (pictured above) can only be visited with a guide as the daily number of visitors is limited. This needs to be scheduled personally at the ICMBio in the Vila do Boldró. If you are staying less than a week on the island, it’s probable that you won’t get a spot. To guarantee a spot, it’s best to buy the ticket to the National Marine Park beforehand (at With the voucher number in hand, a guide designated by your pousada can make a reservation personally, 10 days in advance. – Source (PT)

(The last part was confusing to me while reading it but, from reading another site, it seems most people schedule their ‘aquarium’ visit at the ICMBio right after arriving on the island, to give them the best chance at getting a spot.)


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