Tamandaré – Brazilian Caribbean


Tamandaré is on the way to two of the Northeast’s most popular destinations: Porto de Galinhas and Maragogi. Despite its privileged location, the small Pernambucan municipality is far from attracting the hoards of tourists from its closest, more famous neighbors (with the exception of holidays, of course). That’s why is the ideal place for those looking to escape the lively crowds, and to find deserted, paradisiacal beaches, full of natural pools. tamandare

São Benedito Chapel, aka “Igrejinha dos Carneiros”

The city is famous for having a beach that, for most, is the prettiest one on the entire Pernambuco coast: Praia dos Carneiros. On the coastline one can find rustic stands, and an area that features almost untouched coconut tree groves, reefs, natural pools, crystaline waters and a little church that acts as a postcard opportunity. The city structure is almost entirely simple, but it’s taking big steps towards development: recently, Tamandaré got a bridge over the Arinquindá river, which cuts travel time to Carneiros down by half an hour. – Source (PT)



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