From Recife public school to an EU job


Imagine a public school with a day like this: biology class, then design and Portuguese. Break for a snack. Multimedia, geography and photography. Lunch at school and more activities: chemistry, video game programming and history. When the bell rings, at 5PM, there’s still media monitoring, workshops for art and robotics for those who are up for it.

It was in this kind of environment that the Pernambuco-resident Arthur Pessoa studied in middle school, guaranteeing a good score on his SATs for Information Systems and soon a stamp on his passport for the international market: today, at 21 years old, he’s a tech consultant in Prague.

“I attribute a big part of my success to school. I learned, for example, to program games in 3D, something that usually isn’t even taught in higher education courses and it was essential for my career outside Brazil”, he says.

Pessoa is one of the 1,119 students who graduated from the Cícero Dias State Technical School, aka Nave Recife. With an innovative methodology, the institution became a point of reference in Brazil’s vocational middle school market.

Read more at BBC Brasil (PT)


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