Good will makes waves

Screen Shot 2016-03-03 at 1.22.11 PM.png

It was just another trip between the two on a more than 20km route from Rio Doce, in Olinda, to the Cidade Universitária, in Recife, that bus driver Willingotn Marques, 37, does on a daily basis going on 18 years. It was 8am when a blind passenger got on but there was nowhere to sit and no one offered a seat. Willington took a stance: “Do you know how to drive?”, he asked the blind man. After receiving a positive response, the driver said to his passengers: “You all, who are citizens, if no one gives up their seat, he’s going to sit here and drive the bus.” The “scolding” was effective. An elderly passenger gave up his seat to the blind man.

The bus continued on, but the act of citizenship taken by Willington made waves on social networks, thanks to a UFPE professor who saw the incident and later posted about it.

Upon learning about the viral post, Willington was surprised. “I didn’t do it to get media attention or for the company I work for to pat me on the back. I did it because it’s part of who I am to treat others well.”

Willington completed high school when he was already working for a living. His daily route starts at 9am but he leaves home, in Camaragibe, at 430am and makes R$1.900. He’s been married for 18 years and has two daughters. The small paycheck isn’t motive for unsatisfaction at home or at work. The lesson that “good will generates good will” he learned from his parents. “Thank God they knew how to educate me in an exemplary way.” – Folha (PT)


I think it says something about today’s society when something so simple makes waves online and causes local newspapers to write about it.


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