Recicletool – get paid to recycle


“Would you like to contribute to the environment and also be compensated for it? This is precisely the proposal of Recicletool, the machine that directly sends money to your bank account in return for the disposal of PET bottles, glass, and aluminum cans. But starting in November, Recicletool will introduce another new idea: to generate income for the recycling collectors. When the machine — which can hold up to four cubic meters of solid waste —  becomes 80% full, a message is sent to the cooperative or collector responsible for collecting the material. After sending the waste to be recycled, 50% of the earnings stay with the collector and the other half is distributed among the users.

For this product, the inventors, Thiago Dantas and Severino Barros, both from Pernambuco are in negotiations with the Recife Cooperative of Professional Collectors (Pró Recife). The cooperative is composed of 29 people from the community of Caranguejo Tabaiares, located in the Afogados neighborhood in the West Zone of the Capital. José Cardoso, a partner at Pró Recife, thinks that the partnership has a positive future. “Recicletool, without a doubt, brings together what we do every day irregardless: send materials to be recycled. The platform will in fact help increase our income,” he praised.” – Source (EN / PT)

Sounds nice for the general consumer but not for trash collectors (ie, “catadores”) due to the earnings split.


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