Recife’s Sport fans are also donors


I’m a fan of well-implemented cross promotion, especially when it’s for a good cause but I came across a half inspiring (and, for reasons below, perhaps half morbid) campaign from 2013 for Sport Clube Recife soccer fans. It basically combines a stadium entrance card with a donor card.

The problem is not with the campaign, nor with Sport, but with the prevelance of post-game violence among fans of rival (and even non-rival) teams in Pernambuco, and within Brazil as a whole. Here’s an excerpt from a fairly recent article [1] on the subject:

“A cena, registrada por inúmeros moradores do bairro, está longe de ser uma novidade para quem acompanha o futebol pernambucano mais de perto e só deixa a sensação de que qualquer partida é um evento de risco em potencial.”

Translation: “The scene, witnessed by many residents of the neighborhood, is far from being news for anyone that closely follows Pernambuco soccer and it merely gives the feeling that any game is a potential risky event.”

I get that something that inspires passion can also inspire violence but something has got to give. Normally, I would suggest that alcohol be forbidden [2] in stadiums but then fans could just drink before and after.

Maybe some sort of non-confrontation campaign can be created where a course needs to be completed and then some winners are chosen to meet their local soccer idols. Loyal fans would likely take part, though such a measure wouldn’t necessarily reach rowdy fans of away teams. Campaign or not, drinking + passion may make everyone a loser, even when their team has won.


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