Drone patrol for sharks?

Screen Shot 2015-11-27 at 1.40.00 PM

“Part of the Australian coastline popular with swimmers and surfers will now be patrolled by drones as a way to protect beachgoers from shark attacks, government officials announced Wednesday.

The trials in the southeastern state of New South Wales are part of a US$11.6 million program that will test the effectiveness of drone technology in mitigating shark attacks. The drones will send real-time images of coastal waters back to an operator using GPS coordinates.” [1]


As part of a multi-angled approach to keeping swimmers safe in Australian waters, the government will make use of drones, among other devices. It made me wonder if Pernambuco could do the same, but I question whether a sighting by drone would elicit a quick enough real-time response able to keep people safe from attack.


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