European container concept comes to Recife

0611conteinerA new concept for those who like an innovative and alternative lifestyle. Have you ever imagined enjoying comfort, convenience and living or working in a container decorated with sustainable materials? From the simplest to the refined, from the rustic to the contemporary. Innovation for all tastes and a possibility to join together creativity and environmental sustainability. This is the main proposal of those who defend the adoption of this novelty in the Pernambucan capital.

A fairly common practice in European countries, where the culture of mobility, agility and practicality is fairly desseminated in society, the concept is becoming more popular in other places and spreading the novelty throughout the world. Leaving the old continent and looking about, in Recife, it’s possible to find enterprises that have adopted the concept and attest to the quality of the innovation. Businessman Eduardo Freyre, one of the first to bet on the idea, commented about the creation of the Vaporetto Container Bar, in Boa Viagem. “I spoke a lot with an architect before starting and we identified that to fit a container to our needs is a very quick process and it carries a strong environmental appeal, an important factor for our clients”, he confirms.

“At the start, people were a little unsure and didn’t believe the restaurant was actually located within containers. With time, it became our brand”, added the owner who took the name for his business from the traditional Venetian ship.

Aside from being made of steel, the containers can be cut and molded in the way the consumer wishes and can be applied to offices, warehouses and stockrooms, commercial spaces, lunchrooms, bathrooms, accommodations, dressing rooms, infirmaries and other options. “The lifetime of the containers varies a lot, but they last around 50 years and if well taken care of, with frequent maintenance, it can be even longer”, explains the architect Ira Oliveira.

The architect even highlights that investing in commercial environments or those concerning living quarters is one of the innovative aspects and one that guarantees quickness and mobility. “Living or working in a container is something very contemporary and innovative. It’s an investment that can be justified with the fact that one doesn’t need to build or hire labor, which makes things way more expensive”, he affirms.

“It’s an alternative for those who, for example, have land and don’t want to build on it. There’s no construction needed and, that’s why it’s quicker and more efficient, just go there and install it”, says Ira.

Source (PT), Extra (PT)

Note – It’d be nice if they gave more than a single example. As is, it seems like a veiled advert for the restaurant, but alas, I’m a fan of containers. According to a comment I read online, there are other similar containers being installed near the gas stations next to Caxangá bus terminal.


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