Cine Jangada – Cool Idea

unnamedanJust a cool idea. It’s called Cine Jangada, free films on jangada sails.

“Cine Jangada prides itself on being different, confronting the wind, the sea and the possibility of rain. Cinema that happens completely outside, interacting directly with the people in each place it comes to. Showing a film on a jangada sail is a way to say that cinema can happen anywhere and it’s a way to affirm the public’s right to it. The project also values local identity, since the jangada is one of the main cultural icons of the northeastern coastline. But an illuminated sail is also a work of art, open to many interpretations. É um cinema arretado!”


Hermano Figueiredo, curator of Cine Jangada already developed several projects using unconventional supports to show films, such as jangada sails and hammocks, among others. He’s an audiovisual producer and also a leader in the Brazilian cinema club movement, having started organizing film sessions at the Teatro do Parque, in Recife, in the 1970s.

Cine Jangada – Facebook


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