Recent Recife News 05

Study puts Recife as the most costly Carnival destination


In comparison with four other popular destinations, Recife has the highest cost for those coming from São Paulo. Five nights in Recife (apparently) costs more than US$960, according to travel site Kaiak. [1]

The news above, as mentioned, is for people traveling to Recife from other states and we must assume these people don’t know anyone in Recife with whom they can stay. As for how Recife Carnival is seen by locals, I’ve read many times that they see it as one of the country’s most democratic Carnivals, saying it’s “do povo”.

Disregarding these factors and returning to the actual news, another site came out with an article on Carnival costs yesterday saying, “Recife offers the best prices in the Northeast, at an average of $299.” [2] This price, however, is per night, so comparing it to the $960, it’s quite expensive coming in at $1,495 for five nights.

Recife airport voted second best in Brazil

aeroportorecife1Recife’s airport was elected the second best in Brazil, according to a study by the Civil Aviation Secretariate. The study was done between October and December 2014 and included 48 questions and just under 13,000 people, while they were traveling both domestically and internationally. Accuracy was said to be 95%, with a margin of error of 5%. [3]

Praia Limpa 2015 project launched

The local government launched its Praia Limpa project at Boa Viagem beach recently, incentivizing beach-goers to use biodegradable plastic bags for their trash, then to separate it upon going home, as well as getting children to wear ID bracelets. [4]

Bonus – Old Recife (1927)


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