Boa Viagem 1950-70s


10703613_1524149904392221_2155920539234927047_nPhoto taken from the Hotel Boa Viagem, in the 50s (and, here, an aerial view). Comment from the FB page where I found the photo:

“My god! Today, from the same point of view, there’s no coconut trees, nor houses, nor sand, not even the point of view (Hotel Boa Vista), which was violently taken from the landscape to make room for a concrete monster!”


Boa+Viagem+provável+anos+70By the 70s, it was already being invaded by buildings. What a difference 20 years can make. If it weren’t for Boa Viagem, I wonder if downtown Recife would have taken all the investment and, if so, what would it be like today?


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