Pernambuco’s coastal retreats

porto-de-galinhas---foto---With warm water beaches and leisure options for all tastes, the coast of Pernambuco is one of the most sought after by tourists. With this in mind, G1 listened to Pernambuco residents and traveled the whole state coast to list the ten best local summer activities. [1]

1. Sunset at Pontal de Maracaípe


Even with the beauty of the beach, “Maraca” saves the best part for the end of the day. The sun hides among coconut trees and mangroves, and fills the sky with yellow.

2. Dive in the Fernando de Noronha sea

The bottom of the sea in Fernando de Noronha has fish and corals of all colors. For beginners who want to catch a glimpse, schools offer diving ‘baptisms’.

3. See the meeting of the river and sea in Carneiros 

carneirosWith stunning nature, wooden raft rides and historic buildings, Carneiros beach is the most sought after by tourists going to Pernambuco these days.

4. Enjoy the sun in Boa Viagem

Even with bathing banned, Boa Viagem beach attracts thousands of Pernambucans and tourists on sunny days. Chairs and umbrellas are available down the whole of its coast.

5. Go by wooden raft to see natural pools in Porto de Galinhas

portoThe “jangadas” (rafts) that take people to natural pools are already part of the scenery at the central beach in Porto de Galinhas and they also can be rented easily at the “pousas” (B&Bs?).

6. Go to Coroa do Avião by catamaran

coroaThree-hundred km from Itamaracá, Coroa do Avião is a small island that lies on a bank of sand and has beautiful beachs with green water.

7. Camp at Praia do Paiva

At Cabo de Santo Agostinho, Paiva beach is one of the few that still haven’t been overrun by merchants and thus offers some calm and privacy.

8. Arrive at Calhetas via Morro das Pedras

calhetasThe green waters of Calhetas are hidden between stone walls, coconut trees and a forest reserve on the southern coast of Pernambuco.

9. Bathe under a waterfall

cachoeira-do-convento-2_1The Convento waterfall is one of three at the Urubu Park, in the city of Primavera. ‘Bathing’ and practicing radical sports are allowed in the reserve.

10. Take a risk with nautical sports

For adventure seekers, kitesurfing is one of the options at the beaches of Itamaracá Island. Windsurf, stand up paddling and canoeing are also practiced on the northern coast.


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