Foreign restaurants in Recife

20150116152453228474uAs the cosmopolitan city that it is, Recife welcomes foreigners, who are searching for a different life, with open arms. If they’re good in the kitchen, even better, for those in love with international cuisine. Italian, French, Japonese and Portuguese restaurants already conquered the Pernambucan’s taste buds. But there are nations being represented but which aren’t too well known. Ever imagined trying a typical Korean bbq prepared by someone who really understands the matter? What about a tasty chocolate pudding made by the hands of a Belgiun person? Check out the places where you can eat some of these things (I put the nationality of the owner next to the restaurant names). [1]

Escalante’s Tex Mex (Guatemala)
Where: Rua Professor Eduardo Wanderley Filho, 336 – Boa Viagem
Telephone: (81) 9683-0101

Kovacic (Croatia)
Where: Rua Dom Pedro Henrique, 153A – Santo Amaro
Telephone: (81) 9612-7776

Restaurante Burgogui (Korea)
Where: Rua Venezuela, 153 – Espinheiro
Telephone: (81) 3423-0692

Ramon Bar (Argentina)
Where: Rua Olavo Bilac, 20 – Boa Viagem
Telephone: (81) 3036-6930

Chez Brigitte (Belgium)
Where: Rua Esmeraldino Bandeira, 106 – Graças
Telephone: (81) 3221-4151

Siwichi Cebicheria (Peru)
Where: Rua do Cupim, 53 – Graças
Telephone: (81) 3204-9921


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