Recent Recife News 04

Olha! Recife is back

Screen Shot 2015-01-23 at 10.29.32 AMThe Olha! Recife project, which I mentioned last year, is back, with tours set for tomorrow and Sunday. The bus and catamaran tours are apparently full up so that leaves Sunday’s bike and foot tours which still have “vagas” (spots open). You’ll need to go to their site and sign up on the links next to the tour you want. [1]

Pernambuco’s cleanest beaches

9d4a94e63a12501f0f7c177087d62e1cAccording to a new study, the top three cleanest water/beaches in the state are: Enseada dos Corais, in Cabo de Santo Agostinho; Carneiros (in front of the condo Pontal dos Carneiros), in Tamandaré; and Boa Viagem (in front of the ‘praçinha‘), in Recife. In Greater Recife, Piedade beach was near the top, as well. Click the link then scroll down to see which beaches were listed as not-safe for swimming. [2]

Lenine a no-show

Pernambucan singer Lenine will not perform on opening day of Carnival in Recife, despite the official roster saying he will. During last year’s Carnival, he said that it would be his last in Recife (after about 15 consecutive annual appearances). [3]


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