The new Recife Sign near Marco Zero



A giant “RECIFE” sign was recently placed in the Marco Zero plaza and soon became a fun photo opportunity for tourists. According to Camilo Simões, Recife’s Tourism & Leisure Secretary, such a thing was missing from the city. “We saw that something that translated well and that marked the city as a tourist destination was missing. A modern sign that could be adapted to the time of the year without losing its visual identity. And so we created the sign that’s there today, with a frevo umbrella to represent our culture, and the name Recife, where Rec represents the memorable, permanent part. The end part can be changed to say RecCarnaval, RecSãoJoão, or RecNatal.

He says that it’s so popular that on Sundays there’s a line to take a photo there (people like to sit in the curve of the C). There are also plans to place a second sign in the Parque de Boa Viagem. [1]


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