Capibaribe Park project

parqueRecife wants to take the daring Parque Capibaribe project (which looks to create a long leisure corredor for pedestrians and cyclists along the Capibaribe River) to other cities with the same drainage basin. An expedition left from Derby Plaza, this morning in order to evaluate the potential for the expansion of the project in cities like Camaragibe, São Lourenço da Mata, Santa Cruz do Capibaribe, Toritama, Limoeiro and Salgadinho over the next three days.

“We’re going to present the park project to the other city halls that the river runs through. They can also adopt this model and change it in relation to the way the city and the river interact. Capibaribe Park is more than a revamping proposal for the river’s landscape in Recife”, says the Environment secretary, Cida Pedrosa.

For the Recife project, launched in April of last year, the Parque Capibaribe will be more than 30 km long and will pass through 21 neighborhoods from Várzea to Boa Vista. The idea is to create a corredor with promenades, bike lanes, pedestrian bridges, green and leisure areas. There will also be passageways connecting the two river banks and Capibaribe navigational project stations (?).

Upon launching the project, the mayor Geraldo Julio admitted that, due to the high project cost, it wouldn’t be finished during his mandate; but defended the viability of the park, which will come to fruition little by little, in the long-term. At the end of 2014, the state congress included R$120 million in the budget destined for the project’s initial stages. [1]


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