Recife Carnival 2015 – Info

Info for Recife’s Carnival 2015 is starting to come out, via @carnivalrecife & Diario de Pernambuco. Let’s take a look!

B7uSHfmIIAAzruK– The official start of Carnival Recife will be on February 13th, at 6PM, with a maracatu entourage leaving from Rua da Moeda in direction of Marco Zero.

– There will be more than 2,000 attractions…

– There will be 30 main zones/hubs, 4 zones for children, 24 community zones and 5 passageways for revelry/festivities…

– 98% of the large attractions will be composed of artists from Pernambuco…

– There will be more than 2k presentations in 63 Carnival zones…

– Master Spock and the Bola de Ouro Club will be the honored guests this year…

– Last, but not least, Recife Rock (@reciferock) seems to have info saying that just 2% of the artist-allocated money will go to the “98% of the Pernambuco artists”. I’ll be looking for this information in the meantime.


Opening Cerimony, with Naná Vasconcelos, drummers and Fafá de Belém
Maestro Spok and special guests, like Edu Lobo, Geraldo Azevedo, Antonio Nóbrega, Alceu Valença, Elba Ramalho and Almir Rouche

Lenine (cancelled)
Gaby Amarantos
Almir Rouche

Nação Zumbi
O Rappa

Fundo de Quintal
Jorge Aragão
Karynna Spinelli

Alceu Valença
Elba Ramalho

Other big names: the honored Bola de Ouro, on Tuesday, at the Polo das Agremiações and at the Bomba do Hemetério, Jota Quest, on Monday, at the Lagoa do Araçá, Nando Reis, on Monday, at the Alto José do Pinho, Leci Brandão, on Sunday, at Mustardinha, and on Tuesday, at the Pátio do Livramento, Luiza Possi, on Saturday, at the Pátio de São Pedro, Luiz Melodia, on Sunday, at the Pátio de São Pedro, Marcelo Jeneci, on Monday, at the Pátio de São Pedro, Cidade Negra, on Tuesday, at the Pátio do Terço, Diogo Nogueira, on Sunday, in Brasília Teimosa, André Rio, on Saturday, in Brasília Teimosa, and on Monay, at Mustardinha.

Screen Shot 2015-01-20 at 1.34.39 PMHere’s the full schedule, in Portuguese.


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