Bairro do Recife vs Olinda

It’s interesting how public space is being thought about and used in Recife & Olinda, both in terms of when it’s driven by the public or by the government. In the last week or so, I’ve published two stories on current events, one for the Bairro do Recife (started by the government) and the other for Olinda (started by the people). Where it’s government-led, we see the City creating events within the Bairro. Where it’s more naturally occurring, we see people coming together, at night, within Olinda.

We already saw that residents have complained about the Olinda bars, but a recent article shows residents complain about the noise generated from the government initiative, too. So, to sum it up, we have two kinds of initiatives, we have laws being created and ignored, people who want to make use of the city for leisure activities, and we have residents who aren’t able to sleep in their own homes. In the coming months, I’ll be curious to see how one is treated vs the other.

Meanwhile, the merchant below has some wise words for the Bairro.


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