New rules for the Olinda bar scene

bodega_de_veio_lukaAfter complaints from residents in the Historic center of Olinda about the noise generated by the bars in the area, Pernambuco’s State Attorney’s office (MPPE) filed a suit against the City requiring the fulfillment of the Occupation of Land Use Act, a 1992 law that bans bars in the area, allowing only for restaurants, bistros, art galleries, eateries and cafes. According to the City, these bars have until the 13th of January to apply for a new license and change their activity profile, if they want to continue operating.

The bars in the crosshairs of the MPPE are those on Amparo and 13 de Maio streets, famous touristic locations. The bars include Bodega de Véio, Bar da Vera, Bar do Okki, Aloma Bar, Bar do Paulo, Bar Casa, Bar do Axé, Bar da Anésia, Pau do Índio, Pousada Bela Vista, Bar da Darcy and Pousada Alto Astral.

The MPPE said an investigation into the bars in the Cidade Alta region was started in 2013. An inspection was supposed to have occurred in January 2014, but it only just happened last month. Olinda’s City Hall subsequently found out that many bars were operating without a license and thus the bar owners were called to a meeting where a deadline was created for them to get a license. Another meeting, this time among government officials, took place this last week, with the aim of finding a solution that includes everyone’s interests. [1]

20150109000307730053eSince the most recent meeting, mentioned in the previous sentence, it has been decided that the law in question needs to be reviewed and possibly altered. On March 20th, there will be a public hearing on the matter. In the meantime, the bars at risk of closure will remain open. [2] A few nights ago, the streets were full with people protesting the possible closures…and dancing frevo. [3]


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