New rules for the Bairro do Recife

20140320234233363000o“After Carnival, new measures will be adopted by the city of Recife and by the Military Police with the objective of offering a higher level of security to those that often visit the Bairro do Recife on Sundays. Pat-downs with a metal detector will be given to those using one of the four entrance points to the location.

The announcement was made by the secretary of Mobility and Urban Control, João Braga, this past Tuesday. The action is being analysed by a comission formed by city representatives and by the Civil and Military police. At the entrance points to the neighborhood, those 18 and older will also have to show their ID. The sale or use of bottled drinks (made of glass) will also be prohibited, as they may be used as weapons, according to the MPs.

On Friday, the comission will discuss another controversial measure. Kids and teens unaccompanied by parents may also be barred from entering the Bairro do Recife.” – [1]

Additionally, 12 streets will be closed to car traffic on Sundays, according to further details published. [2]


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