GTA Recife


“Federal officials on Thursday sent troops to Pernambuco State in northeast Brazil as reports of looting heightened fears that crime could surge during a strike by police officers. Seeking to calm residents, the unspecified number of troops began patrolling cities, including Recife, one of the hosts of the World Cup soccer tournament in June. The police strike in Pernambuco is part of a broader wave of strikes and protests in several large cities around Brazil this month as labor unions representing teachers, bus drivers and street cleaners seek wage increases. Police unions across the country said they were considering a one-day strike next week. Separately, protests against Brazil’s spending on World Cup stadiums drew thousands into the streets on Thursday in São Paulo and other cities.” – NYT

Screen Shot 2014-05-16 at 2.43.41 PM


2 responses to “GTA Recife

  1. Lordy! Lordy! seeing the tanks on the streets in Boa Viagem was a sight to see! It was surprising how quickly yesterday turned into a war zone in a city; starting quite normal and then banks, universities, shops, restaurants, closing down as fear and panic rolled in until the arrival of the Army with tanks and guns which somehow did not make me secure even though Dilma wanted to protect us… 😉

    • The odd part is when people tell themselves, “nope, not going to steal anything 364 days of the year but since the police are on strike today, I’m totally going to do it”. They also probably don’t think about the shop owner who is their neighbor and not some big corporation.

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