Recife traffic is a reflection of society

Diario spent a few days monitoring traffic infractions at five important locations in Recife. You can read about their general findings here (PT). I’ve translated the most interesting part below.


“Carlos Guido, a traffic advisor who advises Detran (Brazilian DMV) nation-wide, says that traffic is a reflection of society. According to him, there can’t be a separation between traffic and social education. “Someone who acts badly in life will act the same in traffic”, says the specialist. He also says the horn is used in an aggressive way. “Here in Recife the horn is almost a swear word. It’s used for punishment and complaining. It’s not used as an educative or warning sign”, he affirms.

According to the president of the CTTU, Taciana Ferreira, it’s harder to fight infractions that aren’t accompanied by fines and which depend on each individual’s own judgement. “There are already studies out there that show that infractions that don’t generate fines mess up the flow of traffic two or three times more than finable infractions”, cited the president.”


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