France-Pernambuco partnership


As of April 22nd, the University of Toulouse opened an office at UFPE in order to promote scientific exchange between the two institutions. It’s the first time a Northeastern university has received a European university branch. Starting in September, a professor from Toulouse will go spend a year in Recife, and vice-versa. Also, in the area of health and hospital management, students from Recife will go spend a year in France, and vice-versa. To kick things off, 70 French professors and researchers came to Recife last week for a seminar put on by UFPE.

The scientific part of the exchange as a whole includes studies on the environment and natural resources; heritage, culture and history; urban spaces; biology and human health; technology; agriculture, agronomy and animal health. Social, political and economic dynamics of Pernambuco and the Midi-Pyrénées, in the Toulouse region, will also be studied.

Why Recife? “Recife was chosen because there’s an interest in the French language here and the city has a dynamism that interests us”, explains Marie France Barthet, president of the University of Toulouse. – Diario


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