April Round Up

This month, I’ve posted LOTS of content…and it’s not even over with yet. Here’s the round-up (I put an N next to items that can be considered current news). PS – If you have Twitter, you can follow me here.

Week 1

  • Foreigners awaiting the World Cup (link) N
  • Aliens to invade Marco Zero (link) N
  • FIFA TV visits Recife (link)
  • Selma de Côco – Minha História (link)
  • Eufrásio Barbosa Market – Olinda (link)
  • Homer Simpson goes to Recife (link)
  • Shark caught against Recife backdrop (link)
  • Recife Airport considered the best in Brazil (link) N
  • Recife Antigo de Coração turns 1 (link) N
  • CrowdBus – Improving Urban Mobility (link) N
  • Raised in Recife, José Wilker leaves a void (link) N
  • Carnival kids – 1927 (link)
  • Photos & Façades of Recife (link)
  • The Corner of Café Lafayette (link)

Week 2

  • Recife in the 20s – Part 1 (link)
  • The Golden Chapel (link)
  • Boobies & Surf (link)
  • Crime today, pay tomorrow (link) N
  • Did a computer write about Recife? (link) N
  • Clarice’s home might become cultural center (link) N
  • An eyeful of Aurora Street (link)
  • Pernambucans launch instabooks (link) N
  • Recife in the 20s – Part 2 (link)

Week 3

  • Alcione with Axl Rose in Recife (link)
  • Recife World Cup costs (link) N
  • Gay Recife (link)
  • 300 Posts about One City (link)
  • Paradise at a price (link)
  • How to avoid the Recife heat (link)
  • Bumblefoot in Recife (link)
  • Hermila Guedes (link)
  • Playing detective in Olinda (link)
  • Nearly 120K tourists to be at Recife Games (link) N
  • History and landscapes take backseat to modernity (link) N
  • Brazilian govt makes WC city guides (link) N
  • Josué de Castro documentary – 1994 (link)
  • World Cup Fan Fest in Recife (not) back on (link)
  • Best Snacks – Veja Recife (link)
  • Recife Antigo becomes urban lab (link) N
  • Check out Recife in 3D (link)
  • A quiet retreat in downtown Recife (link) N

Week 4

  • Rebirth of Rua da Glória (link) N
  • Project to put power lines underground (link) N
  • Hope it doesn’t rain during the World Cup (link)
  • Recife traffic problems (link)
  • Recife Playable City video (link)
  • Sêmen – Mestre Ambrósio (link)
  • Folha’s Recife tour (link)
  • Metro users want better service (link) N
  • Recife stadium forewent illumination plan (link)
  • Recife Apts – Higher supply than demand (link) N
  • The Recife Mobility Series (link) N
  • Recife in the 20s – Part 3 (link)
  • When I looked up “Recife 1920s” (link)

“Week 5”

  • France-Pernambuco Partnership (link) N
  • African women experience Recife (link) N
  • … (perhaps more to come)

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