The Recife Mobility Series

As I mentioned in a recent post, Bom Dia Pernambuco has a new series (this past week only I think) on present and future mobility projects in Recife. I’m going to post a link to them all in one place here since there doesn’t seem to be a central location online that is doing it, not even Globo itself. As a side note, I should mention that each video doesn’t always mention that it’s part of the series, so for Part 3, I just took a guess, for example.

Part 1 (sidewalks and BRT, 4 min), Part 2 (traffic jams in Greater Recife and possible solutions, 19 min), Part 3 (BRT and metro, 11+ min) , Part 4 (boats and bike rentals, 11+ min), Part 5 (tomorrow), Part 6 (later, if it exists).

For fun, let’s also take a quick look at the Recife that stays the same (first three pictures) vs. the one that the gov’t keeps promising (last three pictures). The big difference? In the government’s version, there’s been a zombie apocalypse and Recife has lost most of its population…

cava transito-intenso-na-av-agamenon-magalhaes transito-caotico-no-recife

recife 801 recife Promob-Recife-Mobilidade-Urbana-02


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