Project to put power lines underground

Recife is studying the idea of putting all the wires underground, though the cost would be very high. In the 2nd video, they mention that Barcelona did it over 100 years ago, and that a private residential community in Caruaru did it in recent years. They also mention how the electric company gets money for every new customer (read: every new wire/power line installed).


“Exposed and hanging wires and power lines, aside from being a danger to pedestrians, they make the city look bad and hide the beauty of the historic buildings. With the final report of the “Por um Fio” series (2nd video below), we’ll look at a law that would forsee the embedding of the wires in Recife, one that has yet to leave the planning stages. According to the secretary of Recife Infrastructure, Nilton Mota, what’s needed is a diagnostic of the city in order to create a project, something that’d be done by a commission.

Beyond the structural study, what should also be analyzed is who would foot the bill. The operation of implanting and maintaining the system is expensive. Just at Alto da Sé, in Olinda, the embedding done in 2011, as part of a revitalization project, cost R$4.5 million.” – Source (PT)


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