Check out Recife in 3D

Back in January 2011, Diario published an article (PT) mentioning that Google was getting ready to map cities in the Northeast in 3D and that it’d be finished by the World Cup. Well, that time has come and here are some shots from Google Earth.

10151237_10152198772456551_3988015572370378486_n 10153993_10152198772386551_8056957892269732245_n 1926830_10152198772471551_2654815980713396408_n 1800251_10152198772481551_1216342343015796160_n 1518424_10152198772806551_4581729929460440244_n 1911633_10152198772871551_633441996171320283_n 10011525_10152198772831551_1315918630986863343_n



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