Best Snacks – Veja Recife

So, late last month I did a post on the Best Bars in Recife according to Veja Recife. This time around, I thought about doing a post on the best ice-cream parlors but while searching for info on the subject, I came across Veja Recife’s third category (aside from restaurants and bars), called “comidinhas“, otherwise translated as snacks. As for the prices listed in the links, the magazine mentions they were rounded up between February and May of 2013. 

Additionally, since there’s a lot more sub-categories this time, I’m going to keep it short but if you want to see all the winners and runners-up, click here (the first column lists the type of food being voted on, the following columns show each location chosen by each particular judge and the final column shows the winner).


Fri-Sabor (Best Ice-Cream)

  • Street: Avenida Domingos Ferreira, 3160
  • Neighborhood: Boa Viagem
  • Phone: 3325-0555
  • Hours: 11am-10pm (Mon. from 12pm; Sat. until midnight)
  • Accepts: Mastercard, Diners Club
  • ServicesHandicap Access

Started in 1957, Fri-Sabor has won 8 times in this category. Although they have 40 flavors, both regular and regional, their stores can only showcase 25 at a time, so they’re on a rotating basis. In a cup or cone, one scoop goes for R$5; two scoops for R$7; and three scoops for R$9. – Veja / Store

Bonus: Check out Della Frutta, too, where they make regular ice-cream and savory ice-cream, too. Here’s a video (PT). For yet another ice-cream option in Recife, there’s also the Emporio do Gelato located in the Casa Forte neighborhood.


Anjo Solto (Best Crepe)

  • Street: Avenida Herculano Bandeira, 513 – Joana D’Arc Gallery, store 14
  • Neighborhood: Pina
  • Zip: 51110130
  • Phone: 3325-0862
  • Hours: 5:30pm-1am (Fri. and Sat. 6pm-2am)
  • Accepts: Visa, Mastercard, Diners Club
  • Services: Hotspot, Valet, Smoking Area, Handicap Access

Hidden in the back of a commercial gallery, Anjo Solto has 100 crepes on offer, made from flour, rice, whole wheat (+R$3) or quinoa (+R$6). From the Veja description, it looks like the crepes are pretty fancy and go for around R$20-30 each. For winos, there are 140 labels available. – Veja / Store


Dalena (Best Sweets Shop)

  • ‘Street’: Shopping Riomar (mall), 2nd floor
  • Neighborhood: Pina
  • Phone: 3327-0295
  • Hours: 9am-10pm (Sun. 12pm-9pm)
  • Accepts: Visa, Mastercard, Diners Club
  • Services: Hotspot, Handicap Access

Open for the last 15 years, Dalena has already been awarded 10 times in the sweets category by Veja Recife. The best dish on the 50-item menu is the German pie, with a mixed white and milk chocolate version (R$8.90 a slice), a nutty version (R$10.20 a slice), and a plain white chocolate version (also R$8.90). They also have guava-jam cheesecake and caramel pie w/ dulce de leche on top (R$10.20 each kind/slice). – Veja / Store

I almost forgot that I did a post on Recife’s best sweets shops last year. Dalena is at the top.


Donna Brigadeiro Patisserie (Best Brigadeiro)

  • ‘Street’: Shopping Recife (mall), store BV 165
  • Neighborhood: Boa Viagem
  • Phone: 3327-3581
  • Hours: 10am-10pm (Sun. 12pm-9pm)
  • Accepts: Visa, Mastercard, Diners Club, AmEx
  • Services: Hotspot, Handicap Access

This brigadeiro shop has 16 varieties of the Brazilian sweet, in 29 flavors. Each one costs R$2.75 and the flavors range from Ovomaltine to Belgian chocolate, and from a cachaça w/ sugar version to one made of cream-cheese w/ guava jam. – Veja / Store


Pin-Up Burgueria
(Best Sandwich)

  • Street: Avenida Herculano Bandeira, 204
  • Neighborhood: Pina
  • Zip: 51100131
  • Phone: 3466-0001
  • Hours: 530pm-midnight (Wed. until 1am; Thu. until 2am; Fri. and Sat. until 5am)
  • Accepts: Visa, Mastercard, AmEx
  • Services: Hotspot, Handicap Access

Modeled after a 1950’s American diner, Pin-Up is most sought out on the weekends and after clubbing. They’ve got handmade burgers made of flank steak and picanha, in three different sizes with the biggest version costing R$22.50. If you want a big side of cheddar and bacon fries (enough for two), that’ll be R$15.60. They also have deboned ribs on French bread w/ bbq sauce (at R$21.80) and to complete the retro theme, a Nutella milkshake (R$14.80). – Veja / Store


Brotfabrik (Best Bakery)

  • Street: Rua da Moeda, 87
  • Neighborhood: Recife Antigo
  • Zip: 50030040
  • Phone: 3224-2496
  • Hours: 7am-7pm (closed Sat. and Sun.)
  • Accepts: Visa, Mastercard, AmEx, Diners Club
  • Services: Hotspot, Delivery

Son of a Portuguese guy, the German owner opened up his Brotfabrik (bread factory, in German) in 1999 where he makes close to 60 items including traditional French bread (R$7.50 a kilo) made 4 times per day. He also offers cornbread (R$1.80 a piece), pastries, sandwhiches and coffee, among other things. Veja / Store


3 responses to “Best Snacks – Veja Recife

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  2. How about doing a “veggie food” survey of places in town where a vegetarian can get some good food or international food like thai, mexican, peruan, etc…?

  3. Very nice! I’m sharing this with a group of students going to Recife during May/June 2015; they’ll appreciate the tips!

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