Nearly 120K tourists to be at Recife games

“While Brazilians are complaining about the difficulty of buying tickets on Fifa’s site, foreigners, remaining tight-lipped, have bought theirs. The latest numbers on the Recife games, for example, reveal that 59% of the almost 200,000 tickets for the 5 games to be played in the capital have been purchased by fans outside Brazil.

The estimate is that close to 120,000 tourists will come to Recife for the games, in accordance with the fuss about the purchase of tickets. The game that promises to have the most shouting from the stands done in other languages is the one featuring Croatia x Mexico.  Nothing less than 72% of the tickets were sold to foreigners: 24% to North Americans and 22% to Mexicans (must be a geography mistake since Mexico is part of N. America).

Tourists coming from the US will also be the majority for the US x Germany game (they bought 33% of the tickets acquired by foreigners). And they also will make up a large part of the fan-base for the Italy x Costa Rica game – 17% of the tickets bought by foreigners were bought by them – and for the final group of eight game (11.4% of the tickets) and Ivory Coast x Japan (10%).” – Source (PT)


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