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A gay Canadian traveler is going to Recife for 3 days and asked several questions regarding logistics on Reddit Brazil. The post has 36 comments from helpful Brazilian redditors, some of them recifenses. Being that gay-themed topics haven’t been touched upon in my blog, I thought I’d take this chance to say a thing or two about them as they relate to Recife. It isn’t meant to be all-inclusive since I just don’t know a whole lot about the scene.

First, the top commentor on the post I linked to discoverd a Gay Guide to Recife, the most recent of which is here. The FB page for the guide is here and below I’ve translated a short article about the guide’s publication ¹.


Screen Shot 2014-04-15 at 2.49.16 PM

“There are 26 places, among them beaches, clubs, bars, restaurants and saunas. There are also luaus on the well-known Boa Viagem beach, super fun parties happening regularly and even a gas station on Conde da Boa Vista avenue that acts as a pre-party spot on Friday and Saturday nights.

The guide, which will have three trimestral editions, even shows a map of the neighborhoods of Boa Vista, Soledade and Santo Amaro, the epicenter of the gay scene in Recife. The itinerary has an English version and will be available in LGBT locations and hotels of the super-cool capital.

The person behind the guide, journalist Welton Trindade, says that he’s proud of the creation. “This feeling comes from the fact that we’ve researched, been to and listed what Recife offers for us gay people…We’re talking about a city with one of the biggest rainbow scenes in the country. With the guide, these options are going to get even better known and it’ll strengthen gay tourism.”


Unfortunately, Pernambuco happens to have come in 6th place as one of the 10 most dangerous states for gays in Brazil in 2013, as can be seen on the map below. But, then again, we’re talking the entire state and I’m positive that Recife, being the capital, is the most gay-friendly city in the whole state. Plus, if it weren’t at least partially gay-friendly, I doubt that Brazilians would have got together to create a Gay Guide for it. It also goes without saying, but who did the research and how was it conducted?


Conversely, in a Yahoo Answers question from 6 years ago about what’s the most gay-friendly city in the Northeast, the best answer (out of 3) said it was certainly Recife.

Screen Shot 2014-04-15 at 3.06.30 PM

User Hugo says, “[Recife] is a really gay city, but since homophobia is a big thing there, gay people are really discrete. It’s almost impossible to see a gay couple on the street, for example.” Then he gives two gay options for nightlife and ends with another comment, “the Boa Vista mall is gay-friendly (it’s near the nightclubs listed above), and it’s worth checking out.”

More Links

Additionally, on a blog called Queer Brazil, which focuses on the Northeast, you can read a post about Recife from late last year titled “Recife still a “friendly” place for LGBT travelers”. Looking around online, I also found a gay guide to Recife from 2008 here by CultHotel, but I can’t confirm if those places are still open or if they’re good (being that I’m not gay). A site called Brazil Gay Tourism site has a Recife section here. There’s a sort of official gay guide online here but it’s only in Portuguese (apparently there’s an English version but I can’t locate it anywhere…but feel free to email the Recife Convention & Visitor’s Bureau to inquire about it and ask for the “Recife/Pernambuco – A State of Happiness” gay guide). If all that isn’t enough, here’s a press release I found about gay-related Recife events and topics.


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