Pernambucans launch instabooks


“Technology is more and more associated with children’s routines. As small as the children may be, they’re already familiar enough with iPhones, iPads and electronics in general to leave any adult with their mouth open. One novelty that this infantile universe added to its list in the last year were books via Instagram. The idea was developed by two Pernambucan women: the designer Karen Zlochevsky and the artist Juliana Calheiros, masterminds behind the profile @lorota.


Once on the site, the parents can find children’s books to share with their kids. They’re illustrated by the two women themselves, with short texts, written by collaborators. The most recent one was done by our editorial colleague Júlio Cavani, titled O Coelho e o Leão. With simple wording, it’s capable of capturing the attention of the little ones. There’s even the Gato Amarelado, done by Lorota themselves, and O Lobo Azul by Mariana Lacerda.

The Instagram profile came from the idea of sharing the work done by Lorota, a company specialized in graphic design, illustration and motion. At the time, Karen and Juliana had one book ready: A história do Gato Amarelado. “We saw that we could take advantage of Instagram’s structure to tell the story. The grid visualization allowed us to play with the scenes that relate to one another among the squares, which we call pages”, said Karen. “Then, we adapted another story we had illustrated, this time a tale by Mariana Lacerda, a Pernambucan journalist and filmmaker.


The repercussion has been so positive that with our last publication, last week, they almost doubled the number of followers. “With the profile’s results, we started to receive suggestions for texts from people close to us and from people who identified with the project, something we’re loving”, commented Karen. The idea of the two Pernambucanas, who live in São Paulo, is to launch a new story every two to three months.” – Source (PT)


– Their professional site is here (PT)


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