Aliens to invade Marco Zero


“Recife was invaded by aliens. Upon landing in the Pernambucan capital, one of their ships exploded and had their fuel fall on top of three kids. That’s why Iris, Talles and Argos were infected and became mutants. Realizing they have superpowers, the trio unites and goes after the space invaders. All of this happens in a well-known place, the Bairro do Recife. That’s how things go in Marco Zero – The Saga, a game that’s being developed by students between 15 and 21 years old in the playgame course at the School of Art, Game and Animation (Saga), in Boa Viagem.

The game, which should be launched in beta this July, will be available for playing on PCs.” – Read more (PT)


You can add this to the same list as Marvel comic’s Shark Girl and even Kleber’s short film Recife Frio (under strange fictional scenarios).



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