Best Bars – Veja Recife

While looking through the Eat & Drink guide by Veja Recife magazine, I saw they offered a short list of  best-voted local bars. As for the prices listed below, the magazine mentions they were rounded up between February and May of 2013. Two of the six best-voted bars were based on seafood plates they offer so I’ll leave those out.


Bodega de Véio (Best Pub)

  • Street: Rua do Amparo, 212
  • Neighborhood: Amparo
  • Zip: 53020190
  • Phone: 3429-0185
  • Hours: 9am-11pm (closed Sun.; Dec. to Feb. open Sun. until 8pm)
  • Accepts: major credit cards
  • Services: Hotspot, Smoking Area

During the day, visitors to this address in the historic center of Olinda find what seems to be just a simple grocery store. Canned food share shelf space with cleaning supplies, while the smiling owner, Edival Herminio da Silva, an old fashioned guy, notes purchases from trusted customers in a notebook. From late afternoon onward, however, the bodega transforms. In authentic pub style, they open their doors to an audience that doesn’t mind standing while snacking and drinking beer in plastic cups. The action usually extends to the sidewalk, especially on Thursdays, when the forró played by an accordian player makes this the main meeting point of Olinda’s bohemians, elected for the third consecutive time the best in its class. Although he bought the modest space in 1981, Silva only turned it into a bar seventeen years later. There, the conversations are sometimes helped along by Skol beers (R$6, 600 ml) and Stella Artois (R$4, long neck), or by some thirty labels of cachaça available, such as Germana from Minas Gerais (R$5 per shot). For snacking, there’s a portion of delicacies like salami, Biquinho peppers and olives (R$6, 100g), a pastrami sandwich with Reino cheese (R$5) and a delicious roast chicken patty (R$3). In June 2012, a branch was opened in the Serra Negra region, in the Bezerros district, about 100 miles from Recife. – Link


Central (Best for flirting)

  • Street: Rua Mamede Simões, 144
  • Neighborhood: Santo Amaro
  • Zip: 50050570
  • Phone: 3222-7622
  • Hours: 12pm-2am (Sat. from 8pm; closed Sun.)
  • Accepts: major credit cards
  • Services: Hotspot, Smoking Area

On the same street where they were raised, in Santo Amaro, the brothers André, Isio and Regina Rosemberg nine years ago opened the house that has become the epicenter of bohemians in the region – around them, several other pubs gravitate. Since then, the establishment never left the Veja Recife “Comer & Beber” (Eat & Drink) winner’s list. This time, the jury specifically remembered it for its flirtatious environment that intensifies especially during happy hour. That’s when young, hip residents begin to crowd the place’s tables, the sidewalk and the mezzanine, decorated with old photos of the city. To help along the exchange of looks, the more energetic ones choose a soundtrack on colorful jukebox whose library contains 1,500 songs (R$2, for two songs). Another one of the place’s attractions is the menu brings tidbits that are nothing trivial, inspired by Jewish, Indian, Vegetarian and Thai cuisines. There’s anything from a famous falafel served with tahini sauce (R$16.90), to more elaborate dishes like lamb shank with a side of sweet potato chips or fries (R$34.90 for two). In the new items list, the owners suggest the stuffed shredded beef wrap, with hummus and salad (R$8.50). Made up of 38 labels, the cachaça cart has Lua Cheia from Minas Gerais (R$5.90 per shot). The drink, however, does not exceed the popularity of Heineken beer (R$6.50; 300 milliliters). After the acquisition of an adjecent spot, the bar should be expanded soon and add eight more tables. – Link


Manhattan Bar (Best live music)

  • Street: Rua Francisco da Cunha, 881
  • Neighborhood: Boa Viagem
  • Zip: 51020041
  • Phone: 3325-3372
  • Hours: 7pm-2am (closed Sun. & Mon.)
  • Accepts: major credit cards
  • Services: Hotspot, Smoking Area, Handicap Access

Active for eight years, this restaurant-bar, which almost resembles a concert hall, surpasses competitors in this category and climbs onto the Veja Recife “Eat & Drink” podium for the first time. Their intense musical schedule includes almost daily shows of local bands and national artists, including Guilherme Arantes and Toquinho. The address, however, gained fame and the affection of the Recife public thanks to the Singing Waiters, who always take the stage before the main attraction, and also on Wednesdays. In their presentations, a keyboard-player and six members of the group, made up of fourteen singers in total, perform harmonious covers from musicians like Chico Buarquee and Roberto Carlos. Despite wearing waiter uniforms, the group is responsible for entertaining the clientele and eventually engages in serving tables. The audience usually has fun while having long neck Bohemia beers (R$8) or sharing a bottle of wine, such as the 2010 Portuguese label Monte Velho Esporão (R$88). When it comes time to appease the hungry, the kitchen delivers dishes like tagliatelle with shrimp and mushrooms (R$52) and duck breast with a spicy sauce, and a side of mixed rice (R$47). – Link


Canela Gastrobar (Best revelation)

  • Street: Rua Caio Pereira, 100
  • Neighborhood: Rosarinho
  • Phone: 3241-5604
  • Hours: 12pm-3pm and 6pm-2am (Sat. & Sun. always open; closed Mon.)
  • Accepts: major credit cards
  • Services: Hotspot, Smoking Area, Handicap Access

Opened in July, 2012 and elected by the jury as the great revelation of the season, it’s no wonder that the word gastronomy inspired the name of this bar. One of the partners, chef James Verçosa, trained in Bilbao, Spain, and was responsible for the preparation of appetizing snacks on the menu, one of the great advantages of this place. Making up part of the selection, for example, is the seafood mix, which includes shrimp, octopus and salmon sauteed with potatoes (R$26.90 for two), and the dices of tapioca garnished with cheese curd and pepper jelly (R$17.90). Commanded by the cook and by Adriano Melo, his childhood friend, the spot accommodates clients in two environments – with the most sought after being the glass balcony, which is where live music is played twice a week. On Thursdays, the Fab2² band plays Beatles hits starting at 8pm. The 4Blues, a quartet consisting of guitar, bass, drums and saxophone, comes into play on Sundays. To accompany the soundtrack, there are drinks like mojito (R$11.90) and fifteen brands of beer, including Dutch Amstel (R$8.90, long neck). – Link


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