Costs of 2014 Carnival in Recife


Just like last year’s post on the costs of Carnival 2013, I thought I’d snoop through the Diário Oficial do Recife to see how much the Recife government paid the top performers for 2014 (though I must confess some of them aren’t familiar to me. Others are listed more than once because they did different kinds of shows).

Keep in mind the minimum salary in Brazil is R$724/month and, as of 2012, there are 26 million Brazilians earning less than that amount. Just to take Alcione as an example, she made nearly 500 times more than the monthly minimum salary for a few hours of her time.

Edit: A pretty basic part of the whole equation seemed to have slipped by me unnoticed. Figures show that Recife received 810,000 visitors with each reveler spending, on average, R$500. If those numbers are calculated, the sum is R$405 million being spent in the city. Also important to note, the city government invested just shy of R$4 million, according to this article (PT). So, yes, paying extravagant amounts to famous musicians is still crazy, all things considered, but on the other hand, a lot of business is done.

Looking through February and March editions for the largest licitations, or bids, show the following:

2 shows – R$350,000

Elba Ramalho
3 shows – R$330,000

Martinho da Vila
2 shows – R$320,000

Antônio Nóbrega
5 shows – R$283,750

3 shows – R$257,000

Maestro Spok e Orquestrão
1 show – R$233,100

Gilberto Gil
1 show – R$230,000

Nação Zumbi
3 shows – R$220,920

Naná Vasconcelos
1 show – R$162,000

Gaby Amarantos
2 shows – R$160,000

3 shows – R$132,000

André Rio
3 shows – R$105,000

Maria Gadú
1 show – R$100,000

Tribo de Jah
2 shows – R$96,000

Naná Vasconcelos e Banda Batucafro
2 shows – R$90,000

Claudionor Germano
3 shows – R$90,000

Leci Brandão
1 show – R$80,000

Sandra de Sá
1 show – R$80,000

Chico César
1 show – R$70,000

2 shows – R$68,000

Marcelo D2
1 show – R$36,440

Maestro Spok e Orquestra
1 show – R$35,000

João do Morro
2 shows – R$60,000

Lia de Itamaracá
4 shows – R$50,000

Karynna Spinelli
3 shows – R$54,000

2 shows – R$50,000

Banda Som da Terra
2 shows – R$50,000

Banda Pinguim
1 show – R$27,000

Ópera Bajado
1 show – R$27,000

Lula Queiroga
1 show – R$20,000

1 show – R$9,000

Catarina Dee Jah
1 show – R$6,000


Galo de Madrugada
1 parade – R$580,000


50º Baile Municipal do Recife
Feb. 22nd, 2014

Spok Frevo Orquestra
2 shows – R$84,000

Alceu Valença
1 show – R$70,000

Elba Ramalho
1 show – R$60,000

Orquestra Popular da Bomba do Hemetério e Maestro Forró
1 show – R$36,000

Silvério Pessoa
1 show – R$3,500



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