Choice as World Cup venue

Also from the FT…

“When Pernambuco state in northeast Brazil decided to build its World Cup stadium in the middle of a forest, many questioned the wisdom of such a plan.

The Arena Pernambuco is about 20km west of the state capital Recife in the region of São Lourenço da Mata. In heavy traffic, it can take more than an hour to get there from the city’s hotels and airport.

“Of all the 12 [World Cup] stadiums in Brazil, it is the only one not in a state capital,” Ricardo Leitão, the World Cup secretary for Pernambuco, says proudly. “People always ask us why we built it so far away.”

His answer is simple: Pernambuco is just doing what Brazil’s federal government did more than 50 years ago when it built the country’s capital Brasília in a vast area of empty scrubland.” – Read more at FT


Also, see my post on Getting to the Arena Pernambuco.


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