Individual Micro-Entrepreneurs Month


Open, plan, buy, sell, promote, expand, grow, expand, export. Every step involving the opening and consolidation of a successful business are being brought together starting this week in the Pátio do Carmo, in the Santo Antônio neighborhood, in downtown Recife. At the location, infrastructure was assembled for the Individual Micro-Entrepreneurs Month, an initiative set up by Sebrae which will feature more than a thousand activities for the promotion of individual micro-enterprises until May 30th.

“Our goal is to encourage those people who already work for themselves, but in an informal way, to legalize their business. As individual micro-entrepreneurs (MEI), the business owners can hire an employee, retire, get maternity assistance, send invoices, and request lines of credit and specific encouragement for the sector. It’s a chance to grow,” says Isabel Noblat, an analyst for Sebrae.

According to her, some MEIs are born with the entrepreneurial profile, but anyone who has wanted to open their own business can learn. “It is not impossible for someone to develop entrepreneurial skills. The person has to change their attitude. They have to look around for the right information, to work a lot, to want to be the author of their life and, especially, to persevere,” she adds.

Altogether, the Individual Micro-Entrepreneurs Month will feature 778 management lectures, 186 Sebrae workshops for Individual Entrepreneurs (SEI), 98 managerial workshops and 53 courses of 15 hours each, conducted during the 46 days of the event, from 8am to 10pm, all for free. The content is extensive and covers points ranging from the individual steps for formalizing things to the opportunities and challenges brought by the 2014 World Cup for individual micro-entrepreneurs.

During the event, the MEI may also do their annual statement and have their questions answered, among other benefits. Currently, there are 3,738 million MEIs in Brazil, with 126,695 in Pernambuco. “We also will attend to those who want to formalize their business,” says Isabel. The complete schedule of the Individual Micro-Entrepreneurs Month can be accessed at this link (PT).

– Source: DP (PT)


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