Free tours with Olha! Recife

Screen Shot 2014-03-11 at 2.53.33 PMRecife’s Sec. of Tourism & Leisure, Felipe Carreras, just announced Olha! Recife:

“Recife’s birthday is tomorrow and it’s the people that’ll be getting a present! We’re launching the Olha! Recife project today, with free rides on buses, catamarans, on foot and by bicycle, all accompanied by tour guides, for residents and tourists to get to know the city better!”

According to the JdC, it all starts from the 15th of March and onwards and there’ll be a promotional event tomorrow (Recife’s 477th birthday) regarding the project. The tours will be free but one must register first on their site. It’s seemingly weekends-only and there’s a 250-person limit per weekend.


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