Rio Branco to become Promenade

The concept images and video remind me a bit of the Santa Monica Promenade in L.A. They’ll just need to get a good amount of commerce in there to increase foot-traffic.
projeto_riobrancoAfter Carnival, Rio Branco Avenue, in the Bairro do Recife, will gradually transform itself into a street that gives priority to pedestrians and non-motorized means of transport (ie, bikes). With the change, which will be permanent, the idea aims to transform the spot into an extension of the Marco Zero Plaza in order to offer more leisure to residents and tourists. The project should be functional by December.

Rio Branco Avenue is almost 330 yards long, it’s lined with trees and offers banks, restaurants and other services. The conceptual model of the Rio Branco Passageway proposes a triplication in the number of trees, the elimination of parking as well as motor vehicules, improvement of the pavement, non-visible power lines and a reduction of poles and signage, in addition to the removal of ‘urban furniture’ – which are general use objects and equipment, like collective drop-mailboxes, garbage cans, bus stops, fire hydrants and fuse boxes, among other things.


With these interventions, the avenue will be a central circulation point. On either side, there will be rows of trees, with kiosks and ‘rest areas’ […]. In accordance with the Recife mayor, Geraldo Julio, this conceptual model is set to become an executive project for contracting out, via bid, starting in June. The cost has not yet been estimated. “We’re studying other areas to close off also, places downtown, in the peripheral neighborhoods, near plazas”, he said.

The secretary for Development and Planning, Antônio Alexandre, pointed out that the urban mobility will not be affected. “Even visibly we can tell that a lot of cars don’t pass by there, differently from another nearby avenue, Marquês de Olinda. Currently, 25 bus lines pass through there and the stops will be placed in other locations nearby”, he explained.

Read the rest here (PT).


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