Eu Curto Recife (and you?)


I’m happy to share a project I came upon when looking for content to post here. It also makes me happy to see people are being pro-active about exploring and appreciating their own city. In this respect, the Facebook page Eu Curto Recife is easy to understand and direct. It only asks that if you like Recife you should join the club, and quite a club it is. Created and managed by Mateus Seixas, the project which shares cool photos and in-house videos of Recife, boasts nearly 100,000 likes/followers. As is customary with ‘city pride’ pages (and even sites like Reddit), at first one has to look for all the photos and content by oneself but soon the followers become the main content submitters. This is what eventually happened to Mateus and, while the page doesn’t run itself, it surely helps with being able to focus on growing the name and expanding into video production (thanks to another local project called Tato Filmes) and photo-taking tours of the city. Below, you can see some of those videos (PT) which now come out once a week.


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