March 2014 Events

19th REC-BEAT Festival


The 2014 REC-BEAT Festival Schedule – 19th Edition
Source: DP

SAT 03/01
19h30 – DJ Cal Jader (England)
21h – Juvenil Silva (Pernambuco)
22h – DAAU (Belgium)
23h10 – Bruno Souto (Pernambuco)
00h30 – Mud Morganfield (USA)

SUN 03/02
16h – Recbtinho: “Circo de Lampezão e Maria Botina” Show – Caravana Tapioca (Pernambuco)
19h30 – DJ Tropicaza (Mexico)
20h – Jonathan Doll (Ceará)
21h – Aninha Martins (Pernambuco)
22h – Guadalupe Plata (Spain)
23h10 – Arrigo Barnabé (São Paulo)
00h30 – Mundo Livre S/A (Pernambuco)

MON 03/03
16h – Recbtinho – Fadas Magrinhas (Pernambuco)
19h30 – DJ Felipe Machado (Pernambuco)
20h – Projeto CComa (Rio Grande do Sul)
21h – Lulina (Pernambuco)
22h – Max Capote (Uruguay)
23h10 – Manoel Cordeiro e os Desumanos (Pará)
00h30 – Maite Hontelé (Colombia)

TUE 03/04
16h – Recbtinho: “Brincando no Picadeiro” Show – Caravana Tapioca (Pernambuco)
19h30 – DJ Renato Damata (Pernambuco)
20h – Boogarins (Goiás)
21h – Graxa (Pernambuco)
22h – Skip&Die (Holland / South Africa)
23h10 – João Donato (Rio de Janeiro/São Paulo)
00h30 – Emicida (São Paulo)

More info (PT)


Recife Port photo exhibit

1621714_671441099561628_1514328364_n 923473_675674215804983_243364075_n

The port of the Pernambucan capital will be captured in beautiful images by the photographer Gustavo Maia in the exposition “Recife [is a] Port”, that arrives at the Caixa Cultural on the 11th of March. The showing presents views of the port in the Bairro do Recife between 1992 and 2013 and reveals its development and the changes that took place in the port area.

The photos will be accompanied by texts from important Pernambucan poets on themes connected to the port. Entrance is free and it happens on the same day that Caixa Cultural Recife changes its opening hours (Tuesdays to Sundays, from 12pm to 8pm).

More to Come…


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