Event – Recife Summer School

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An area for exchanging ideas, knowledge and experiences on themes related to IT, Creative Economies and Sustainability. This is what’s behind Recife Summer School, a festival of events that happens every year, put on by Porto Digital. Arriving at its 6th edition, the gathering started on the 3rd of this month and goes until February 27th, offering 46 events on diverse subjects.

In total, there are 38 courses, 4 talks, 3 workshops, 1 debate and 1 seminar. Of these, 7 are promoted by Porto Digital. The rest are being organized by partner businesses (entrepreneurial groups, Cesar.Edu, eTecnologia, EuSócio, Expolab, Fundação Joaquim Nabuco, ImpactHub Recife, Massimus, Qualiti and Robô Livre).

“The proposal is to create a moment of interaction in the first few months of the year, when people are not working and are looking for such an event”, affirmed the director of Porto Digital, Francisco Saboya. The forecast is for 2.5 million people to participate in the event.

It all takes place at Portomidia, located at Rua do Apolo, 181, in the Bairro do Recife, or at the partner businesses. The schedules will also vary. That’s why, upon signing up, those interested need to be aware of the locations and schedules available.

Inscriptions can be made through http://rss.portodigital.org. The courses promoted by Porto Digital will cost between R$ 30 and R$ 40. The complete schedule is also available on the event’s site. [DP]


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