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So, I’ve got some good news and “bad” news, depending on your definition of bad. First, I’ll ask that you consider this post from November, 2013 and realize that I’ve surpassed that mark. The short version (I erased the long version) is that writing about Recife, while fun, is starting to seem confining. I’m looking at doing a new blog to talk about both Salvador and Recife.

When I get things how I want them on the new blog, I’ll know what I really think about the idea and, if I like it, I’ll post the link here (and possibly auto-redirect visitors). If I end up not liking it so much, I’ll just continue here as usual.


One response to “Blog News

  1. ok, but whatever you decide to do, don’t stop writing, this blog is like my wikipedia about recife. thank you for doing it

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