First public pet hospital coming in 2015

mundonovelas_Prefeitura do Recife fará Hospital Publico Veterinário

The gov’t of Recife signed agreements to build the first public veterinary hospital in the North and Northeast which will include Brazil’s first and only 24-hr emergency room by April 2015. Investment will be R$3.4 million and construction will start in June on city property in the Cordeiro neighborhood. The main sector of the population that will benefit from the hospital will be low-income families, specifically those that earn up to 3 minimum salaries.

In all, 25 vets will be on hand at the hospital, in the clinic, lab, ER, and in areas where the following operations will occur surgery, anesthesia, x-rays and ultrasounds. Per month, close to 1,320 consultations are to occur, as well as 1,320 x-rays, 550 ultrasounds and 1,320 lab exams. Surgeries are to include both male and female castration (220 per month), cancer treatments (110), and orthopedic operations (110). [1]


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