Get down with Som na Rural


Som na Rural is a free open-air event (and TV program) that brings music to the streets of the Pernambucan capital. The way it works is generally a well-known artist is driven around Recife while they talk about themselves and their work and then they give a concert on the street. The idea comes from cultural producer Roger de Renor who owned a famous bar in the early 90s called Soparia (in Pina) and then yet another one in the early 2000s called Pina de Copacabana. In addition, he was (still is?) director of a television station, TVPE. You can read more about him here (PT) and see a short interview with him just below, where he talks about being featured in the lyrics of his then-friend Chico Science.

After Som na Rural was recently banned for bureaucratic reasons which are now resolved, the next two events are already scheduled for this Friday, the 14th, and the 21st of February, both from 6pm to midnight on Rua da Aurora, in the neighborhood of Boa Vista.

Here’s the site (PT). Below, you’ll find Part 1 of their episode with DJ Dolores (the rest are on Youtube) and an additional video clip showing they know how to have a little fun with the program too.


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