The illustrations of Pedro Melo


After having done a post on the designers behind Recife’s Carnival, I came across another artist. Pedro Melo is in his mid-20s and works as an artist, illustrator and designer, but he graduated in graphic design. His work is based on the use of Poscas, or Japanese water-based colored markers. He usually works on boards of varying sizes, using quick outlines and strong colors.

His first showing happened late last year in Olinda at the Casa do Cachorro Preto, following a tour with his project “in exchange for a painting”. During visits to many different cities, Pedro exchanged paintings for anything that was made by the person doing the exchange. He did this while passing through Portugal, Spain, Turkey, Germany, Italy, São Paulo and Buenos Aires.

Check out his work in the video interview below, and some fun he had working with kids in the second video.



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