The Catimbau Valley


The Vale do Catimbau National Park is a national park of Brazil, located in the city of Buíque in the state of Pernambuco (about 300 km from Recife). Created in June 2002, the national park covers an area of 154,575 acres. The Catimbau Valley or Vale do Catimbau in Portuguese is Brazil’s 2nd largest archaeological site. Among its natural attractions there are beautiful canyons, over 2,000 caves, and 28 registered areas with pre-historical cave paintings and burial sites. One of the sites, Pedra da Concha (Shell Rock), displays cave art dating at least 6,000 years ago.

buique - pe2 Vale_do_Catimbau

Pinturas_Rupestres_-_Parque_Nacional_do_Catimbau_-_Pernambuco_-_Brasil Parque_Nacional_do_Catimbau_-_Pernambuco_-_Brasil%284%29

Here’s Part 1 of a news report (PT) on the area, though there doesn’t seem to be a Part 2 online.


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